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Kulturelle Landpartie 2018
10. Mai - 21. Mai 2018

Ingemar Sävfors

Can Bamboo Help Saving Our Planet?

Large scale concrete and steel construction in China and India have provoked disastrous effect on the environment. Other emerging economies will without doubt follow the same track. Up to 2050 another three billion people will need housing, and increasingly in urban areas.

Bamboo might then be the building material of the future. The regions with the highest population growth coincide with bamboo thriving zones. Construction grade bamboo needs only 3-4 years to reach mature stage and meanwhile it captures CO2, hence helping to heal the green house effects. Today, insects and fungi degradation can be handled with relatively simple techniques which make bamboo a permanent building material.

However, architects must develop new designs; necessary to protect bamboo against weather impact and adapt it to urban density.